Where in the world am I?

January 26, 2008

I realized after sending out my latest (well, first newsletter) that I had failed to mention to anyone what I’ve been up to in the last 6 months.  As I have been gallivanting around the world, I have failed to inform anyone outside my inner circle as to my whereabouts. For that, I sincerely apologize. Thank you to those of you who have emailed asking me, “Where are you?” It was a reality check and reminder that ESP doesn’t exist for the mass populous.

The last that many of you knew of me was that I was on my way to Austria to sing for the Summer.  Which I did do, but not without it’s challenges.  As many of you know, my husband Tim and I are swing dancers and teachers.  Well, three days before I was to leave for Austria, he and I were teaching at a workshop in Knoxville.  One night we were to give a group performance, so we were practicing one of our dance tricks.  To make an extremely long story short, during the trick, the front of my neck managed to land squarely against his forehead, causing immediate hoarseness.  I knew I’d done some damage, so I went to the doctor. Sure enough, I had managed to bust a blood vessel and bruise the vocal cord.  Now, I’ve known other dancers to sprain ankles, hurt shoulders, break toes, but how many dancers have ever bruised their vocal cord? One – the opera singer. So,  I had to delay my departure by a week, but aided with a week of steroids (in addition to major mood swings, and the realization that I now can hit a record number of homeruns in a season) and vocal rest, I was cleared to leave the country.  I was unable to sing for the first couple of weeks in Austria, but the voice healed up and I was cleared to sing.  It was a great experience. I met some absolutely amazing people and was able to spend time in a Germanic culture, my second home (but don’t tell the Austrians I used a word that sounds mysteriously close to “German”, they wouldn’t like that very much).

Unfortunately, my trip was cut short by the unexpected death of my brother Chris.  To know more about that, you click on the Chris page.  I returned immediately to Texas, where my family is, for the funeral.  While my husband and I were in the midst of that, his grandmother passed away, and we were immediately swept to California to be with his family.  It was a very sad and trying time.  I wish it on no one.

After leaving California, I had about a week at home before I came to NYC to sing with Dicapo Opera (yes, that is the correct spelling for all you opera nerds out there).  Right now, I am a Resident Artist with the company. What that means is that I cover (understudy) leading roles, sing small roles, sing in the chorus, and perform in concerts put on by the company.  So far, I have been involved with every production, so I am very happy for the opportunities that have been offered.  The other singers are incredible people and musicians. I couldn’t be more blessed to work with such great people.

Tim and I are separated at the moment. That is not easy, but we are making it work. Tim’s company has been really supportive, so we cannot complain.  We see each other every other weekend.

My next move will be to Princeton, NJ to sing with New Jersey Opera this Summer. After that, who knows! We’ll see what comes down the pike!


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