Go Big Blue! – Creation of NYC Camaraderie

February 4, 2008

So last night’s Super Bowl was one of the best Super Bowl games in recent history. No, it wasn’t high scoring, nor were there a ton of tricky, fantastic plays, but it wasn’t a blow out either, and it came down to the last seconds. I mean, football doesn’t really get any better than that.

I have to say that I am very excited about the outcome of the game. I’m not necessarily a Giant’s fan, but since my 49ers are absolutely terrible, I had to pick a team. Being that I’m living in NYC, I had to go with the Giants. Normally, I’m not a bandwagon girl, but New York needed this. They’ve been plagued by an abysmal Jet’s team for years and a lack luster performance out of the Giants. But that is now over. They have something to cheer about. Perhaps Eli Manning has finally silenced his critics.

It was really interesting for me to be in a city with such a strong history and allegiance to its football team. I’ve lived in Nashville, and sure we have the Titans, but they just got to Nashville 8 years ago. I went to grad school at UT-Knoxville where the city turns orange on game day, but they didn’t win a National Championship while I was there. So last night was very special for me to experience, especially since I’m such a football lover.

After the final second ticked off the clock, the streets immediately filled with cars honking their horns and people cheering in the streets – and that wasn’t even in Times Square! That was a completely different story. For a few hours last night, every New Yorker was every other New Yorker’s friend. Even today, I’m sure everyone will be everyone’s friend – it will be gone by tomorrow, but at least today will be nice. I almost felt like I was in Italy after they won the World Cup or European Championship – though not quite a boisterous, but same kind of spirit. I almost didn’t recognize this place with all the camaraderie and home town spirit.

I was, yet, reminded again of how closely we all live together in this sardine can. Each time the Giants scored, the floor shook from all the other people living on the floor jumping up and down – but somehow it fed the feeling of camaraderie, of us all being on the same team – even the Jets fans, even if they won’t admit it publicly.


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