My dog’s poop is not scooped

February 11, 2008

So my last post focused on how great it is that New Yorkers pick up their dog’s poop. Sean commented that it was a great law, but that there is still dog poop all over the streets. My reaction was, “What is he talking about. I NEVER see dog poop on the sidewalk.”

Well, I ate my words. I walked out of my apartment the next morning and not only did I come across some poop, but apparently that dog had had diarrhea because there was yellow, brown, green slimy lumps of poop sporadically down the sidewalk. One such pile was even at the entrance of an apartment building. Those poor people. It stayed there a few days until someone finally cleaned it up. But since posting, I have seen poop everywhere! Sean was right! Sure, it’s not as bad as if there was not law, but still, there have been some near misses. Oh the irony.

OK. I think I’m going to stop posting about dog poop. It’s kinda gross.


One Response to “My dog’s poop is not scooped”

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