Happy Valentine’s Day NYC!

February 14, 2008

I figured since this is the day of love, I would show a little more love to this city. As much as I sarcastically convey my stories of the Big Apple, I really am enjoying this place for the most part. It kind of grows on you like a fungus. So I thought I’d take a moment to share what I like about NYC:

1) Even though the subway system is old, slow and inconvenient, it is nice that I don’t have to drive with a million other people on the road.

2) PJ’s Wine and Liquor Warehouse is 2 blocks from me and has the best prices and best selection of wine than any other store in the city.

3) The restaurants are amazing. Anything you could ever want to try, you can find here.

4) People truly watch out for each other. If you drop something on the subway or if you’re about to sit in something on the subway, you will be warned by a fellow passenger. I’ve had people pick things up for me that I’ve dropped. If you’re about to walk into the street and a car comes out of nowhere, someone will put their arm in front of you. If you’re lost, someone will be glad to help you.

5) The parks. This city is full of parks. There’s more than just Central Park. There’s a gorgeous park behind my house and one right down the street. You could spend all day in both.

6) The ethnic diversity. No where else in our country can walk a few blocks to find yourself in a completely different culture.

7) I’m getting to sing! That’s really important and fun!

8)Manicures on the lower east side are extremely cheap! My last one was only $6!

9) Museums. They are everywhere and you can learn so much about everything. There’s nothing quite like the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You need days to be able to go through the entire thing.

10) The neighborhoods. I love how every neighborhood has it’s own feel. Again, you only walk a few blocks and you’re in another neighborhood. You can feel the difference in the vibe. My favorite area is Brooklyn Heights (where the Cosby’s lived). So far I don’t like much of SoHo or the Village. Fun to visit, but don’t think I could live there.

11) Subletting on Craigslist. If you need a place to stay, you can find an apartment on Craigslist – both short and long term. People actually rent out one of the bedrooms in their apartments for people coming to the city for travel. Normally you can find a place for $70 a night for a room and $120 a night for an entire apartment for 4 people. This city doesn’t have to be expensive.

12) Street food. Street vendors sell you a gyro platter for $5. It can feed you for 2 meals.

So there’s me showin’ some love to this crazy place. If you haven’t been here, you should visit. It’s like no other place on the planet.


3 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day NYC!”

  1. Man, this makes me want to visit the city again! What is it about SoHo and the Village you don’t care for?

  2. kensajolaw Says:

    they are too hoity toity for me, though masked in a facade of hippy coolness. at least on the upper east side, the people don’t hide the fact that they are hoity toity. i can live with that. it’s the fake “peace, love and happiness, but only if you’re like us” in SoHo and the Village i don’t care for. it’s almost a forced coolness to make up for personal insecurity. wow, that was quite the generalization:). i’m sure not everyone down there is like that, but it’s just the vibe i get. reminds me of the south – facade of hospitality when they’d rather see you fall off a cliff.

  3. Tim Says:

    Oh that facade of hospitality is just so we can lure you into a false sense of friendship, then we’ll push you of the cliff real quick like.

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