Garth, Max, Tim & Me

February 20, 2008

This past weekend I got free! I broke out of the island of Manhattan! I went home to Nashville.

I got to do really cool things like drive a car, park in a driveway, walk through a yard and be in a house. The novelty of it was overwhelming!

So what took me out of my concrete jungle? Singing – for which I was very grateful.  Saturday, I had an audition in Asheville, NC for their opera company and Sunday I had a concert in Nashville with the Nashville Opera. It was a weekend of Southeast bliss! Oh, my heart could hardly contain itself.

I arrived Friday evening to find Max (our Mini Cooper) clean and ready for me to drive (oh yeah, my husband was there, too. I almost forgot about him in my excitement to drive Max!)  The next day we drove out to Asheville for the audition that turned out to be very successful and was indeed a trip worth the taking.  Though driving is a blast, I couldn’t drive on the way out because it just tenses up all the wrong muscles for singing, so I took full advantage of the drive home.

It was a gorgeous evening, so I threw open the moon roof (while Tim sat shivering next to me under his coat) and…get ready for this…I put in a Garth Brooks CD.  Yes, this opera singer, who never listens to country decided that she needed to jam to Garth on the open road of Tennessee.  Oh the irony!

I know it may sound odd to some of you, but I felt such freedom that I hadn’t experienced in a long time as I am now slave to the public transportation system of NYC.  From the park behind my house, I can see the interstate that takes normal people who own vehicles out of the city to freedom, and I always long for such freedom. The joy of being able to decide where I want to go and when – oh I just can’t explain it.  I am such a lover of freedom!

We listened to Garth for 3 hours, though, I did finally close the moon roof out of respect for my freezing husband- and those were hours of pure bliss.

That bliss must’ve carried over to the next day, because the concert with Nashville Opera  was great!

Can’t wait to be home again to do normal things that free people do!


2 Responses to “Garth, Max, Tim & Me”

  1. Though I am not as big of a country music fan as I used to be, I still love me some Garth tunes, too. He’s definitely an all-time favorite. What’s your fav song of his?

  2. kensajolaw Says:

    Standing Outside the Fire

    It’s my theme song

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