You know you’re a New Yorker when…

February 22, 2008

1) You realize the subway system is not convenient

2) Street food (aka – mystery meat) is awesome and makes for 2 meals

3) The person on the train preaching that they are the returned Christ doesn’t faze you one bit

4) You use the terms uptown and downtown instead of North and South

5) You call it a train, not a subway

6) You push a drunk out of the way when he tries to take the cab that you just hailed

7) You avoid Times Square at all costs

8)You manage to feel by yourself when on a train car crammed with 100 other people (all it takes is headphones and a book)

9) You find yourself dropping the f-bomb indiscriminately

10) You can put on eye liner and mascara on the jerking train


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