Is my ceiling falling in?

March 5, 2008

Remember my crazy neighbor upstairs who stole my other neighbors shoes?  Well, I think the pretty blue Nike’s have inspired him to work out.  One morning, while eating breakfast, it suddenly sounded as if the ceiling was going to cave in.  Now, mind you, my one upstairs neighbor has this uncanny ability to sound like a herd of elephants, so hearing noise upstairs is not unusual. However,  there was an incessant, rhythmic pounding.  Curious as to what was going on, I turned off all noise in my apartment to listen through the floor. And what did I hear?  A work out tape and his feet falling to the rhythm of the tape.

Apparently, he’s not in very good shape because every 5 or 10 minutes, it gets quiet – no tape, no pounding.  The peace lasts for about 2-3 minutes and then he’s back at it again.  This goes on for about an hour everyday.

Does anyone else find it odd that I know my neighbor’s schedule simply by listening to his noise, or is it just me?  That’s kind of creepy.


3 Responses to “Is my ceiling falling in?”

  1. ben4rest Says:

    The fact that you know the street sweeper schedule and your neighbor’s schedules tells me you probably have a pretty routine schedule yourself.

    Do you think any of your neighbors are taking notice to your routine?

  2. kensajolaw Says:

    they definitely know when i practice, though I don’t think they know about anything else. i’m quiet as a mouse. i barely make noise when i walk through my apartment. it’s pretty ridiculous. i really don’t want to disturb my neighbors at all. though it’s not altruistic. the instant my neighbor below hears that i’m awake or if i make noise (like vacuuming, walking normally, singing) he’ll turn on his music really really really really loudly and then i have to deal with that for hours, so i’d rather just be quiet to keep from provoking him.

  3. I think you should ask to borrow his workout tape AND the shoes.

    Why are some people so inconsiderate of others living around them? Good grief, dude.

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