The Little Apple

March 10, 2008

I am back in Nashville for a few weeks as I have some “time off”. Really what this means is that I’m not singing in New York until mid-April, but I am still practicing, learning a role and auditioning for anyone who will hear me.

Considering I began this blog to share my musings about New York, I wondered what could I ever write about while I’m not there! Well, after about 5 minutes back I realized that there is plenty to share about my little town.

Nashvillians are a very proud people, and like to compare it to other great cities. Many refer to it as Nashvegas (though gambling is outlawed and it rains here) and the Athens of the South, because there are several universities and we built some buildings that look rather Athenian (though we don’t speak Greek. Heck, Nashvillians barely speak English).

But my favorite is is “The Little Apple”. Somewhere in the history of this city, someone decided that Nashville was just as exciting as New York, just smaller, and decided to call it “The Little Apple”. Apparently, this said person never went to New York. Because, you see, if they had, they would realize that New York and Nashville are nothing alike. Yes, they are both cities with streets, people, cars and buildings, but that’s about where the similarities stop. Here are a few things they would know, had they ever been to the Big Apple.

They would know that New York has all these great neighborhoods and Nashville has suburbia. Though Nashville is trying to “create” these neighborhoods – we now have “The Gulch”, “12 South”, “Nashboro Village”, “Hillsboro Village” (often referred to as just “The Village”), SoBro (are you kidding me?) and “Germantown”-it’s really just where the yuppies live to feel cool. They would also notice that in New York you can find a place to eat after 10pm. In Nashville, your choice is Waffle House or Steak ‘n Shake. New York also has this thing called public transportation, which is seriously lacking in Nashville. And though Nashville does have a street named Broadway, you won’t find any theatres, just a bunch of honky tonks. People in Nashville can appear sweet but really hate you, while New Yorkers can appear to be rather rude but think you’re the greatest person they’ve ever met. To curse someone, Nashvillians like to say, “God bless her/his heart”. New Yorkers just tell you where you can go.

This person may also notice that New York is very loud with millions of people doing things at all hours of the day – the old saying, “The City that Never Sleeps”. People go to bed in Nashville. Most lights are out by midnight. What could also be observed is that the mansions on 5 acres of land located just south of Nashville cost the same or less than a 400 square foot studio in Manhattan.

I could go on, but point being, Nashville really isn’t “The Little Apple” – it’s just Nashville – a great, fun, southern city. Why do they want to be like those damn Yankees anyway?


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