I can’t believe I just saw that

April 15, 2008

Saturday was absolutely gorgeous up here in the city.  A friend of mine and I decided to take advantage and go for a walk and eat at a sidewalk cafe on the Upper East Side, which is where the opera company is located where we both sing.

As we were walking down the street a man in his 60’s came jogging toward us sporting the usual headphones, iPod, headband,  running shoes, black t-shirt, black tights, black underwear…..wait! Hold the phone! Underwear?! My Rolodex of latest running fashions went racing through my head, but underwear did not make an appearance.  To make sure I had actually seen correctly, I turned around and saw that he wasn’t actually wearing underwear…he was wearing a thong!  Yes, a thong! With black tights! Not running tights, but opaque black tights! And a thong!  A thong!  I looked around to see several New Yorkers witness the spectacle with absolute horror on their face.

At least there’s something out there still to surprise a New Yorker!  And I thought I had seen it all…


One Response to “I can’t believe I just saw that”

  1. […] in point.  You may remember my entry last year about the man running in a thong in New York. Well, I didn’t think I could really top that.  Alas, I was wrong.  Top it? Maybe not. […]

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