Ladies, stand up for yourself

April 18, 2008

Spring has arrived in NYC!  The weather is beautiful.  Nothing like beautiful weather to bring all the New Yorkers out from hiding. And nothing like Spring to bring out the scuzzy men of the earth.

Apparently, this weather also makes them feel like they have free license to whistle, gawk, stare and make comments at any female that walks upright and weighs under 400 pounds.  Unfortunately, I fit the afore description, so I am not exempt.   Now, I can handle the whistling or the gawking, but this past week, I had two incidents that I could not believe were happening.

One such incident occurred in front of my voice teacher’s apartment building.  I’d been seeing him a lot to get ready for my role, and every time I walked by (like one day I walked by 4 times), there were men who would yell the typical comments at me.  Well, I finally had enough.  The next day I walked by and the comments began. So I stopped, turned to face them and said, “Look, I’m going to be walking by here a lot over the next few days, so you can just knock it off right now.” They, of course, claimed they had not been speaking to me, but we all know better.  But apparently it worked.  When I left the building, they didn’t say a word when I walked past, and they have yet to make any further comments.

So I’ve endured the barrage of comments without incident until today.  Again, leaving my voice teacher’s apartment (I think he should move) a 50-something, short, greasy looking man in a nasty white t-shirt came walking towards me making comments.  It was nothing out of the ordinary until he continued walking straight toward me and didn’t stop.  When he got within within 6 inches of me I stepped aside, stopped right in place and yelled in my most aggressive voice, “Back off!” Considering I had about 5 inches on him, I wasn’t worried about kicking his butt.  Had I not been on the phone, I would’ve had a free hand to deck him.  Unfortunately, that was not the case, but I think I’m going to always have a hand free in case that should happen again. He left me alone and was completely harmless, but the gall that these Dominican men have is mind boggling.

Welcome Spring!


3 Responses to “Ladies, stand up for yourself”

  1. Ben Says:

    Knowing you are from Texas, this post caused me to picture you walking down the sidewalk with a 10 gallon hat in a denim jacket, as if you were Woody Harrelson in the movie The Cowboy Way.

    Your posts are hilarious.

  2. BeckStein Says:

    LOL…girl I hear ya…I’ve had to completely shout down several men in this City. You should ask Cesar sometime about when I was on the phone with him last summer and some guy came walking towards me and I yelled at him to get away from me in a very aggressive tone with a phone in one hand and a high heel in the other…lol…then I continued my phone conversation. Another time, I was with Kristin S. when we were walking near Dicapo and a creep, greasy little guy was following us and so I turned around and yelled for him to stop following us (and he did). I’m always prepared to back it up if I have to; my bf says I’m crazy and probably going to get shot someday on the subway…but atleast I’ll go out fighting.

  3. kensajolaw Says:

    Beck, you are so my hero.

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