NYC Yardsale

April 22, 2008

On of my favorite parts of the weekends in the Spring and Summer in “regular” America are yard sales.  I love the thrill of driving down the street at 10 miles an hour, scoping which sale might actually have something more than junk or their kid’s old shirt covered in crusty spit up.  Since moving to this concrete jungle where no one has a yard, or heck, even a patch of grass they can see from their apartment, I’ve been going through yard sale withdrawal.

That is until this weekend.

The sun came out, and it was a gorgeous Spring day.  Tim and I were walking down my street and as we turned the corner a great light shown from heaven, angels sang and danced and I believe there was a faint sound of the “Hallelujah” chorus.  There, before my very eyes, was a street full of New York yard sales.  Lining the sidewalk were people selling all their crap they decided needed to leave the compacted quarters of their tiny apartments.  NYC does have yard sales! I was so excited! Of course, my excitement lasted all of 10 seconds before I realized that in NYC, they really do sell their crap. I mean, when you only have 500 square feet to live in with 10 other people, you don’t really have the luxury or space to collect stuff you don’t need, so what I found on these blankets ranged from rusty utensils to electric cords that were no longer attached to their appliance.  There were a few sales with electronics, but I wasn’t sure if this was really their crap, or stuff they had jacked, so I passed them by.  The light from heaven disappeared, the angels were silenced and the faint choir faded quickly.

It was a fleeting moment of joy that faded quickly.  But at least I got to see a yard sale.


One Response to “NYC Yardsale”

  1. BeckStein Says:

    There’s always a “yardsale” going on in Williamsburg on the weekends…actually some fun an interesting finds…you should come out sometime and we’ll do brunch and junk shopping 😀

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