Day of New York Tourism

April 23, 2008

Tim comes up to see me on a very regular basis. However, most of the time I am so busy with rehearsals, there’s not much time to do anything else. But this past weekend, I was free and we decided to be tourists. Our main stop of the Empire State Building. While this was an exhilarating, I was floored at how much they make from tourists. The basic entrance fee is $19 a person to ride an elevator to the 86th floor. For a mere $13 more, you get an extra 16 floors to the 102nd floor. Add another $25 and you also get a ticket to an IMAX virtual tour of NYC. Not to mention $8 for an audio tour and $8 for a flimsy panoramic map so you know what you’re looking at when you get to the top. Tim and I, of course, opted only for the basic entrance price. When speaking to a friend of mine later, he said the Empire State Building makes more off rides to the top then on rent! When you consider that our wait time to the the top was a mere 30 minutes, nothing compared to the peak of the season, I’m not surprised. Here a couple of pics of the city, not to mention a stop at Rockefeller Plaza for a pic with my favorite Sesame Street character.View of Lower Manhattan)I love Elmo!


One Response to “Day of New York Tourism”

  1. What a great, clear day you had for being tourists! You 2 look like rock stars 😉

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