I’m in! I’m in!

April 29, 2008

So last week, I felt like I had made the final leap into feeling like a true New Yorker.  There have been several steps in my initiation process…

…being shoved from behind (almost to my death) while trying to get onto an already full subway car
…seeing a man running down the street in a thong
…spending 2 months on people’s couches before finding an apartment
…spending in rent what a beautiful home’s mortgage would be
…having a bathroom in said apartment that is more tempermental than a soprano
…finding cockroaches in said bathroom
…pounding on the floors and ceilings of my apartment to tell my neighbors to be quiet
…walking a minimum of 100 miles per hour where ever I go
…picking up dog poop

the list goes on and for more details, please refer back to earlier posts, but the final initiation happened last week while on the bus.

The woman next to me fell asleep on my shoulder!

I’ve seen it happen to other hapless riders on the MTA and wondered how long it would take for it to happen to me.  Approximately 7 1/2 months. Not bad considering I live on the subways and buses almost as much as the homeless.

So I always wondered what I would do in such situation.  Well, I found out that I first laughed.  The shutter of my shoulder jolted the woman a little bit and she sat up for about 10 seconds before slumping back over onto my conveniently placed shoulder.  Feeling sorry for the poor lady who looked like every other over tired and over worked woman in the city, I didn’t just want to wake her up. (Mind you, had she been a man or someone dirty and nasty, I would’ve had no problem telling them to back off). So instead, I’d find some reason to move to get her to move off my shoulder (and she managed to sleep on). This was all fun and games until I realized I had to get off at the next stop, and not wanting to embarrass this poor woman, I didn’t quite know how to wake her to get past her.  Fortunately, I was spared the situation, when the next bus stop was announced and she stood up to get off.  Somehow she’d managed to sleep on my shoulder through all my shananigans, and yet still pay attention to the bus stops. 

New Yorkers are truly a talented breed.


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