Another openin’, another show

May 8, 2008

Tomorrow, La Cenerentola (Cinderella) opens.  Tonight we have the dress rehearsal, which will be quite the challenge since it is the only dress rehearsal, and we don’t get a day break before doing the first show.  But, it should go well (especially because Rebecca is doing hair and make up and she rocks!). My vocal stamina has really been built up over the last few weeks.  Training for this has been quite amazing. Many of my friends have been training for the half/full marathon and have been sharing their training stories, so I figured I’d share a little of my training story:).

I said before that singing Rossini is like running a half marathon. I was wrong. It’s more like running the 400 hurdles.  You gotta be able to go fast, but keep the endurance for the whole lap AND jump over stuff.  I got the assignment about 2 months ago, which in the opera world is not a long time to learn a big role, let alone a role that requires a type of singing you have never done before in your life.  So I worked daily on the music, killing myself to learn these impossible (to me at the time) runs (for my non-singing friends, runs are long passages of lots of notes going really, really fast) .  In fact, one day, I got so mad, I threw my score across the room!  The torn cover and mishapen binding is evidence of that episode. Another day, my innocent wallet happen to be laying out and it received the brunt of my frustration.  But I got a pretty new wallet as a result!:)  This frustration occurred while I was in Nashville, away from my teacher – the King of this type of singing.

So I returned to NYC with 2 weeks before rehearsals began still unable to sing most of the runs in the dang show.  After 30 minutes in a lesson, half the runs were working well. I told you, he was the king. By no means close to even rehearsal ready, but hey, they were at least leaving my mouth.  So I was doing 2 lessons a week to get this stuff on my voice. I thought that was enough, but apparently it wasn’t.  After studio class on Saturday (my orange moment) I received a text from my teacher saying, “I want you in a lesson before your next scheduled, whether you can pay or not.” I responded with,”Wow, I suck that much!” And he replied, “No. You sound amazing when you’re out of your own way. You need SUPERVISED repitition!”  So, humbled yet again, I went in for a lesson that lasted well over an hour. Then Monday, I had 3 hours of rehearsal, Tuesday I coached it with a pianist for an hour and a half (again, supervised repitition:)), rehearsed for 3 hours, Wednesday had another nearly 2 hour lesson and had another 3 hours of rehearsal that night.  And you know what? I’m not dead. Tired, yes, but not dead. My voice is still working, and is actually in better shape than it was last week at this time.  I’m pretty much perpetually warmed up!  I have a dress rehearsal tonight and then sing again tomorrow morning at 11:30 (ugh), but I suppose I will still be warmed up from tonight:)!

This truly has been an amazing training process. I’ve never had to sing anything so hard in my life and was worried that my body and voice would revolt and poop out on me, but it has done just the opposite.  It has responded wonderfully, I’m having a blast and my voice is working better than it ever has.  And it’s in shape for rehearsal tonight, show tomorrow, master class tomorrow and then another show Saturday, which is the singer’s equivalent to a three day track meet.  I’ve got more Rossini to learn, but now that I’m used to it, it should go better and faster.

My tangerine is evolving!

I’ll keep you posted on the shows.


One Response to “Another openin’, another show”

  1. BeckStein Says:

    Well thanks for the compliment…but the show will be great, because it’s got great performers in it…especially the lead. I heard you last night and you sound GREAT…all you have to worry about is learning to chill…you really are doing amazing and so just open your mouth and sing…you’re ready!


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