La Cenerentola is done (for now)

May 15, 2008

Well, this past weekend we did La Cenerentola, and it went really well.  I managed to run the 400 meter hurdles and conquer!:)  We had two great audiences who left very happy.  I had an absolute blast singing the role.  I really felt that I got into it, and it actually was pretty easy for me. There were only a couple of spots that felt hard and I tried to cover those with a great big, ditsy smile.  It fooled all but those who know me best:).  The final aria which is also the finale to the entire opera is sitting easily in my voice, and it will now be on my list of audition pieces.  It is the mezzo’s firework piece. It’s nice to have fireworks now!

My next stop is New Jersey, where I will be understudying Cenerentola, only this time in Italian, so I have a few weeks to get that under my belt.  I came down sick right after the show, so learning has been slowed. I was able to actually sit up this afternoon, so hopefully tomorrow I will have enough of a brain to go over the Italian mentally.

This was such an incredible challenge, one I would’ve never put on myself willingly. Yet again, I have learned that sometimes ignorance is bliss – but only sometimes.


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