June 4, 2008

Yes. I’ve been AWOL for much too long.  I was scared that the Blog Reaper would come and reap my blog.  Life has been very hectic the past 3 weeks and little time with consistent internet.

Right after Cenerentola, I got sick…of course.  That happens often with me. I spent several days in bed and couldn’t even really sit up. I finally got well enough to sit up and I was on a plane to go home to Nashville!!!!

When I arrived, I had a house to pack up and move into the new house that Tim and I bought a month or so ago.  Tim had done quite a bit of work, but the rest was up to me since he actually has a real job that allows me to gallivant around the country.  In addition to moving, we decided to go ahead and paint.  I have never painted so much in my life. The first 2 days of painting I found it rather relaxing and fun.  Day 3 – not so much.  I kind of wanted to throw all the paint materials out the window.  Day 4, I got mad and decided I couldn’t do it anymore.  Day 5, I was able to pull myself together and do some more, but Day 6, my mom arrived and I made her paint.  I was done.  No more for me.

But I love our new house.  It’s really big, so we are kind of rattling around in it, but we’ll grow into it slowly. Anyone getting rid of any decent furniture, let us know:).  I’ll get some pics posted.

As for now, I’m in New Jersey with Opera New Jersey. Just arrived yesterday, and I’ll be sharing stories and pics as I go along.

Sorry for the hiatus, but now that I have consistent internet access, I shall be back with more wonderful stories of my life!


2 Responses to “AWOL”

  1. Tim Says:

    glad to see you’re back baby!

  2. Julio Steamridge Says:


    How is Joi-zee? Update, por favor. YAMO.

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