Green is Good

June 11, 2008

And no I’m not referring to being an environmentalist.  Please! You should know me better than that:)

I’m referring to the greenery of God’s creation.  The greenery that for most of my life I took for granted.  The greenery that greeted me on the farm I grew up on.  The greenery of the land we had in the Ozark Mountains.   Heck, the greenery of grass in the freakin’ lawn.  You see, I took this for granted because it was always there.

And then I moved to New York City.

In the city I get excited when I see a patch of weeds valiantly growing between the cracks of the sidewalk.  Though I haven’t seen it, a friend of mine who has long lived in New York told me rumors of people who buy a little piece of sod grass and put it on their window sill and care for it.  There’s something really wrong with that.  This is how starved this city is for green.

And I didn’t realize how starved I was until I went home a few weeks ago and drove with Tim from Charleston, SC to Nashville.  The landscape in that area is breath taking and as we passed a pasture with an evening mist rising from the ground with the rays of a beautiful sunset cutting through it, I almost cried.

So while New York has some pretty amazing buildings, lights, dazzling things, etc… nothing man makes ever comes close the beauty of what God creates.


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