Something Always Goes Wrong in Inwood

July 11, 2008

I haven’t been as active on my blog since coming to Princeton for the simple fact that things have been pretty quiet around here. Princeton is pretty calm, it has it’s quirks, but I will save those for later posts. I began to wonder if was losing my creative juice, if my synapses weren’t firing as they should.  But yesterday taught me otherwise.  I was reminded that if I want to post something in my blog…


Yes, Inwood. The lovely place I lived while in NYC.  The place with the crazy neighbor, the leaking bathroom, the asinine post office, need I continue?

Well, yesterday, I was in the city for a voice lesson and ventured into Inwood for said lesson.  Now, I’ve been going into the city once a week for a lesson since coming to New Jersey, but apparently when you go in and out of Inwood undetected, nothing happens to you.  It’s when you try to actually accomplish something up there that things go haywire. I made that horrible decision yesterday.

Right before my lesson, I went to the doctor to get some sleep medicine.  A dorm bed and flourscent lights are not conducive to a relaxing atmosphere which a chronic insomniac needs for sleep.  I decided that since Target has $4 generics, I would just drop off my prescription at the Target just north of Inwood in the Bronx (OK so technically not Inwood, but in my mind, same thing).

I arrived at the counter to find a long line of people, one of which was an old jewish lady yelling at the tech about some problem. The tech looked completely overwhelmed. I should’ve turned around then, but since I pay out of pocket for my drugs, I decided to give it a shot.  The tech finally made her way to me and informed me that that pharmacist was new and was very backed up (that didn’t instill much confidence), but said to come back in and hour and my drugs would be ready. (I think that is really a secret ploy by Target to get people to buy stuff).  So I mosey around the store. Since I hadn’t had lunch yet, I was getting really hungry, so I stopped in the snack aisle and grabbed some trail mix and started eating while perusing the store, hoping not to be caught by one of the rent-a-cops (mind you, I had every intention of paying, but I couldn’t go another hour without food).  Slowly the hour ticked by and I made my way back to the pharmacy. I was glad to see there was no line and felt I would be victorious in my endeavor to get myself to sleep before 3am.

What I should’ve known was that the lack of a line was really a bad sign.  You see, the tech came around the corner with an apologetic smile on her face, and said, “Oh, I wish you had come back sooner.  Our system went down and we can’t fill anyone’s prescriptions today. We can have it for you tomorrow.”  To say I was angry would be an understatement. I mean, the woman had my name on a freaking info card. She could’ve paged me. She had my phone number. She could’ve called me. Did she do any of that? Of course not.  Why not?! Because it’s Inwood and Inwood is backwards and unfortunately, something always goes wrong in Inwood!

I paid for my trail mix and left.

P.S. I got my drugs today at CVS.  And note to self: NEVER GO THERE AGAIN! They charge 3x as much as Walgreens, Walmart and Target for the same drugs.

You too can do your part to bring down health care prices by not going to CVS.  If they lose enough customers, they’ll bring down their prices. Power of the almighty dollar, baby! (OK. Soap box is now put away, and I’m going to crawl into my dorm bed drugged heavily so I can sleep)


4 Responses to “Something Always Goes Wrong in Inwood”

  1. oh, to be able to take drugs to sleep. i believe it’s after 2 now. cvs’s overpricing duly noted for future reference. hope you get good rest.

  2. Julio Steamridge Says:

    A few random thoughts about today’s posting…

    Well, as a former pharmaceutical industry manager, I am proud that you paid full price for some ethical drugs! Thank you for propping up my 401K, which is replete with drug company stocks.

    It is a pity, however, that you can’t seem to sleep. Brilliant minds seem to have that problem, which is probably why I’m struggling to stay awake right now on a Friday night.

    Princeton is a beautiful, albeit snobby, little hamlet in the New York suburb of New Jersey. When I come to visit, I usually go to “Soon Ja’s” sushi restaurant. The “Red Hat” roll is “smack-your-lips-dillious”.

    Well, your blogs are certainly entertaining…but I’d like to see a little more opinionated prose out of you. You seem to be holding back.

    I’d also like to see more impressive words,like “ire”, “erudite”, “vociferate”, “quiescence”, etc. Hmmm…

    Other than that, I’m one of your biggest fans and thoroughly enjoy this site!

  3. kensajolaw Says:

    i don’t know about the brilliant thing. I think it has more to do with being crazy.

    I also try not to obfuscate my entries with large words:)

  4. Julio Steamridge Says:

    …crazy is in the eye of the beholder.


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