Remembering Chris

August 2, 2008

August 2 – I lost my brother last year today.  My family is spending the weekend together.  The firsts are always hard.


One Response to “Remembering Chris”

  1. Rob USMC Says:

    I served with your brother at the USNA while he was teaching Midshipmen how to grow into professional warriors and I was teaching them how to be warrior geeks (Computer Science). He was a very giving, warm man. I remember one morning during the summer training period when I had rushed to get out my office and had neglected to put on my rank insignia. When I reached my destination, Chris was there and he just gave me a look of “how can I have fun with the good Major?” He laughed at/with me and made a few funny remarks about me looking a little too old to be a private, etc. Appropriately chastised, I snuck back to my office and put fixed my uniform. He was always engaging, honest, and warm, and it saddens me to think that he is gone.
    A few years ago, my buddy John Ruocco, USMC, took his life and left behind a grieving widow, two young boys, and “more friends than Santa” filled with sadness and questions. His widow is involved with TAPS and works to educate service members and their families about suicide. I sincerely appreciate your efforts to tell your story of loss and suicide and I admire your strength in not hiding anything about your brother’s death. The more people know, the more early and effective intervention can be.
    Please know that I keep Chris and your family in my prayers.

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