Opera Diva Lives On

September 3, 2008

“Be a good colleague”

Next to being told to be an excellent singer, this is the most often stated advice to aspiring opera singers. Many of us are taking it to heart. This past year I’ve had the privilege of working with 3 different companies and have had wonderfully nice people to work with. I felt it was too good to be true and that my luck would run out eventually. This summer it did. I found a Diva.

The soprano singing the lead in one of our shows is quite possibly one of the most impossible people I have ever had to work with. I learned from her some very important things that I should not do when I am trying to have an opera career and they are as follows:

1) Don’t conduct the chorus during the show. That’s the conductor’s job.
2) Don’t shove the chorus into the position that you think they should be in. That’s the stage director’s job.
3) Don’t tear apart parts of the set you deem inappropriate before the final show. Thats the stage manager’s job.
4) Don’t yell at the stage director and the musical director over an issue you have in the middle of the final dress rehearsal in front of the entire cast. Leave that to later when it can be private.
5) Don’t be passive aggressive when something goes wrong by saying, “This is so ‘Waiting for Guffman'”
6) When someone on an overly crowded stage made more crowded by huge dresses accidentally spills water, don’t yell at them and call them inept (especially when on closing night, you do the same thing).

One would think that these are a given, but apparently no one has told this girl this is unacceptable – or maybe it is? Her season is booked already this year. Normally such hypocrisy by the powers that be are explained by phenomenal singing (i.e. Pavarotti) and/or physical beauty (i.e. well, can’t think of anyone famous, but there are some lookers coming up the ranks) and/or certain behaviors behind closed doors. However, this is not the case in this situation. No one is really quite sure how she’s getting away with it.

So much for being a nice singer.


3 Responses to “Opera Diva Lives On”

  1. VeganDiva Says:

    Wow, what an attitude! Where the heck was this? 😉

  2. Avid Opera Diva Fan Says:

    Oh the words I’d love to say… but unlike certain opera diva’s, I will hold my tongue.

  3. BeckStein Says:

    OMG…seriously…I can’t believe anyone acts this way. I don’t think she’ll be working for much longer if she keeps it up. Wow…I’m curious where this was too…oooh gossip!

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