Things I like about Sarasota Opera So Far

October 6, 2008

I’m still 3 months out from going to Sarasota, but I’ve already compiled a list of things that they have done well – things that I will note if I ever start an opera company some day.

1) Within a week of verbally accepting a position, I received a contract with every detail broken down. I had no questions.

2) With my contract, I received the bulk of my music already bound for me.

3) With my contract and music, I also received a copy of the synopsis and libretto.  So instead of trying to find time out of an already busy schedule to find the scores, buy them, have them shipped then go to the library to find the librettos and translation, it showed up in my mailbox, ready to learn – easily saving me, not only money, but at least 3 weeks of precious learning time.

4) My travel to and from Sarasota will be covered. People in other fields may find this a given but at the level I’m at right now in this career, it is not always a given that such a luxury will be afforded you.

5) To this point, I have been treated with an incredible level of professionalism.

6) I found out that we are only 3 miles from the beach and beginning in February it’s warm enough to swim! Woot!

So far, Sarasota has impressed me.  I’ll keep you updated. And all you folks who are thinking about starting an opera company (of which I know there are hoards), take note.  Making your singer feel like they are valued is the best way to ensure quality work from them.


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