Pet Peeves

October 7, 2008

My blogging friend over at Pet Peeving noted that this week is National Pet Peeve week, so he asked for folks to share some of their pet peeves so here goes.

My pet peeve is a common one – people who don’t know how to drive. I wasn’t going to bring it up since it is so common, and I’m sure my driving skills are often bothersome to others, least of all, my husband. But last night, it was too much.  I was parked in a colleague’s driveway – a very wide driveway – as in 3 to 4 cars could comfortably park next to each other. I had parked all the way to the side leaving ample room for people to get by (who would be coming by, I didn’t know, but the Mini is my baby, so I treat him well which means staying out of other people’s way).  Well, his soon to be ex-wife came by, picked some stuff up and on her way out decided that pulling out straight backwards (which is normally a direction that one would go when backing out of a straight driveway) she decided that taking a 45 degree turn with the foot heavily on the gas into the side of my car was a better idea.  I was greeted by a huge dent in Max’s driver side door.  I felt like I’d had the wind knocked out of me.

She gave me her insurance information and then proceeded to leave, asking me to help her back out straight.  Apparently she has an affinity for 45 degree angles, because she came within inches of hitting my car again! After she had safely passed my car, the guy I was working with said, “Well, you can get an estimate and just keep the check and not fix the car.” My eyes bulged out and wide-eyed I said, “Oh no…that is my baby. I have no kids and no dogs. That is my baby and it’s getting fixed.” I left promptly.


One Response to “Pet Peeves”

  1. ben Says:

    I like how you described her. You only had to say “soon to be ex-wife”. The picture became clear at that point.

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