Ridiculous runs

October 13, 2008

For some reason, many airlines have not mastered the art of providing manageable transfer times for layovers. Either you have hours to wait around for your connecting flight or you have 30 minutes. Very rarely is there something in between.

I often have the 30 minute connecting time. While I am happy I don’t have to sit around for hours, I do abhor the ridiculous run I have to make from one side of the airport to the other. You know the one I’m talking about.  You’re wearing flip flops because they are the easiest to get in and out of at security or heels (women), the wrong bra and are lugging 80 bags since you are now charged for any bag you check (except Southwest) and you are forced to run at top speeds to make your flight.  And you know how ridiculous you look, because you know you’ve watched other people with the same plight doing the same thing and you laugh at them…because they look ridiculous.  And there you are, stuck in that situation.  And you’re thinking to yourself, “Wow, I look really ridiculous, but I don’t care because I have to make this flight or I’m stuck here for 3 more days! Go! Go! Go!”  The shoes are fallling off. The bags are dropping down your arm. You’re almost falling from kicking your roller bag with each step. Your shirt is being pulled off at the shoulder. You’re breathing louder than a hippo.  You’re more uncoordinated than a toddler learning to walk. But you must make that flight!

I’m cackling as I write this and perhaps this is funnier to me than you, but since this is becoming such a regular occurance for me, I think that from now on, I will wear my workout clothes.  I might take a little longer through security, but hey, at least I’ll make my flight with all my clothes and bags still attached.


5 Responses to “Ridiculous runs”

  1. I love running too! Says:

    I’m cackling as I read this, picturing you running to catch your plane.

  2. Smitty Says:

    Amen sister! Jess and I upon returning from Rhode Island had a 26-minute layover at REAGAN INTERNATIONAL (Washington DC)!! Holy cow.

    We stepped off the plan to learn that we had to take a shuttle bus to the next terminal. We look everywhere and see none. Why? Because the shuttle bus line is between two airport gates with no signs. Who wouldn’t think to look for a shuttle bus there?

    We wait in the line as the first bus fills up. Clock ticking. Finally a second bus arrives. We all exit down the airport stairs, onto the runway and step onto the shuttle bus. It fills up and the driver begins to back it up amongst all the parked airplanes towering above us. “Hey move that luggage car out of the way!” Three guys think about it for 30 seconds then one actually moves it.

    At least the shuttle is now moving. I’m excited cause we’re finally on our way. Suddenly – BRAKE! Yes, it took exactly as long as it took me to write that to find out we’re thirty yards across the tarmac and at the next terminal. DID WE REALLY HAVE TO WAIT ALL THAT TIME FOR A SHUTTLE TO TAKE US 90-FEET?

    We jump off the shuttle and up the stairs back into the airport. We’re looking for Gate 35B. We find it. And the other one. And the other one. Yes, there are THREE Gate 35Bs. Can someone please pass the pistol? I run up to the lady at the counter who I highly inconvenienced by asking, “Which gate 35B is heading to Nashville?”

    Stares at me blankly. Smacks her gum. Obviously confused by my question.

    “Itz be down that escalator right thurr.”

    Jess and I barrel through the crowd of ‘stand right in front of the escalator but not use it’ people and finally run up to the gate.

    “If you’re going to Nashville come on!” the lady shouts.

    We hand off our boarding passes without any snide remarks, to which our lady says, “Right through that door.”

    We run through the door…and suddenly are outside staring at another shuttle bus. Not. even. kidding.

    We run up on it and I ask the guy, “This going to Nashville?” to which some funny dad in the front row sarcastically responds, “I don’t think so, that’d be a long drive!” while ribbing his wife with a goofy smile for affirmation of his funny liner. In response I turn to the dad’s kids and say, “hey kids, did you know your daddy is a comedian?” to which the kids just grab for each other and cuddle up scared to death. Take that dad!

    The shuttle bus drives out onto the runway this time where the planes are actually landing. We step off the bus and finally onto the plane with 4 minutes to spare.

    You nailed it Sarah, short transfer times on layovers suck!

  3. BeckStein Says:

    OMG…I don’t think I’m leaving the City…I can’t handle traveling nowadays…seriously, how shoddy can an airline be by making people pay for luggage after all these years, they seriously suck and need serious overhaul!!! I generally avoid any type of connecting flights if at all possible too…I just can’t do it and am willing to pay the extra $$$ to not land and take-off again in one trip. Thanks for the shares!


  4. i made 2 of those runs in the duration of my pregnancy. i almost missed a flight to philly. they had closed the door to the plane and everything, but when they saw me run up all sweaty and lugging bags and convex-looking, they had mercy on me and let me on.

  5. Crystal Says:

    Hey Sarah! I totally did that run on Thursday night in Charlotte trying to get to NYC! LOL! I about died when I read this…I felt exactly the same way! HAHAHA! How are all your auditions going? I just sang for Des Moines. I’ve got Wolf Trap, Central City, and Cincinnati coming up in two weeks. Lots of fun…and tons of flying…may the running begin!!!

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