Don’t touch my stroller!

October 22, 2008

I say it all the time…when I don’t have a thing to blog about, all I have to do is go to NYC and suddenly I have a plethora of subjects.  Here is a recent event on good ol’ faithful – the A train.

I boarded a fairly full car, but managed to actually find a seat (it’s actually easier to win the lottery up here than find a seat).  To my right is a lady with a stroller and baby.  Allow me to digress…why is it that people who live in cities and use public transportation insist on using the largest, bulkiest, heaviest stroller they can find?  The even do it in Europe? What ever happened to the stroller I was put in that was basically a potato sack slung between some metal bars that would’ve ended my life had I somehow managed to get my head through the cross bars?  That thing was small, light and compact.  I swear, if I have a kid in a city, that’s what they are getting.

Anyway, back to my story.  So I have stroller lady to my left and in front of me is yuppie dude reading a book and listening to his iPod (standing about 6 inches from her stroller).  All seems well until stroller lady says to yuppie dude, “Watch it! Don’t hit my stroller.”  He doesn’t respond. Mind you, I’ve been sitting the whole time and never saw yuppie dude even come close to hitting the stroller. Other passengers were hitting it, but she only concerned herself with him.  She says it again.  Again, no response. Finally, she starts tapping him. He looks over and takes off his headphones.  “I’ve told you twice. Watch it! Don’t hit my stroller.” He looks over at the stroller he has yet to accost, looks slowly back at the lady and says, “You do know that I didn’t hear you say anything because I’m wearing earphones and I haven’t touched your stroller.”  Well, that was not the thing to say to this mother.  She launches in to how no one is careful around babies and strollers and that it is a safety issue and how dare he not be more careful etc… He calmly turns away, puts his earphones back in and continues reading, all the while, not coming close to the stroller.  She continues.  She even gets her neighbor into the conversation about how kids these days just don’t have respect.  Again, all the while people are walking past her stroller and bumping it since it is taking up over half of the walkway.  Yuppie dude stood his ground. As I pondered what he would do, I witnessed someone bump her stroller.

He pulled off his earphones and said, “Hey, that guy just bumped your stroller. Aren’t you going to tap him and yell at him, too?”

Yuppie dude put his earphones back in and kept reading.

Score one for the the yuppie dude.


4 Responses to “Don’t touch my stroller!”

  1. ben Says:

    I love these stories.

  2. haha.

    aw, i want a vacation

  3. BeckStein Says:

    lol…you know evil little me is totally against the stroller brigade, they think they own this City! Just the other day while in Starbucks a lady with a stroller comes in and parks the stroller right infront of the table I’m sitting at and sits down across from me…neglecting the fact that there is stuff in the other seat and I’m obviously waiting on someone to join me. I think to myself, calm down, when Bryce gets here, she’ll move and it’ll be fine. She finally gets up after about 5 minutes and I’m thinking crisis avoided and Bryce comes and let’s me know he’s still waiting for our coffee order. When he leaves to wait at the coffee bar again, she comes back and sits in the chair again. So I finally say, “Um, excuse me, I have someone joining me” (there are other seats in the Starbucks btw)…and she says to me “Well, when they get here, I’ll fucking move” (right in front of her own toddler)…so I say “Well, where I come from, people have manners and generally ask if they can join you” and her reply was “but I have a child” HA! as if that means ANYTHING to me…so in true Rebecca Fashion I say, “Well it’s not my fault you chose to ruin your body for THAT!” Needless to say she got up and left and Bryce soon joined me with our coffee. I know, I have no soul 🙂

  4. kensajolaw Says:

    Beck, you ARE my hero! Glad to know I’m not the only one with weird experiences in NYC!

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