My Favorite UPS Store

October 24, 2008

I travel a lot, which means going to FedEx and UPS to making copies and print and mail and all that other fun stuff you do at such stores.  Often I am met by ickiness and incompetence.

BUT! I have found the best UPS Store in the world…and guess where it is?  Inwood! Yes! <cue heroic music>. The 3rd world area of New York I lived in last year that I complained and moaned about and devoted entirely too many posts to!  That Inwood! Yes! Something redeeming!  I have been there now 3 times, and every time the guys are extremely helpful and very nice. I have decided I am willing to travel from all corners of NYC just so I can have these guys help me. For reference, they are near the corner of Broadway and Dykman.

Good job, boys!


2 Responses to “My Favorite UPS Store”

  1. BeckStein Says:

    Or you can email what you want printed to me and I’ll print and copy it up for you here at work 🙂
    but of course that means you have to meet me for coffee or something to get your copies and printing.

  2. Crystal Says:

    Hey, that’s where I stayed…Malinda Haslett and Jonathon Boyd’s apartment is right close to there. Small world. LOL!

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