Creepy Award

October 31, 2008

I will probably win the creepy award with this post, but oh well.  My regular readers already think I’m nuts.

I enjoy people watching, but more specifically, watching people in other apartments (please, don’t freak out and keep reading).  Where I am staying now, my room and the kitchen look out onto a small courtyard and straight into several apartments.  Sometimes I just like to sit and watch people do their regular, everyday activities.  I figure, if you’ve got your curtains open (or none at all), you know that people can look in and see you, so you’re fair game (fortunately, I have not seen ugly, naked guy yet…let’s hope it stays that way).  And since I am standing in front of a curtain free window, I suppose they can watch me just as much if they so choose.

Tonight there was more activity than normal.  I watched a guy wash dishes in his insanely tiny kitchen with a cat rubbing his ankles and his apartment piled high with crap everywhere.  I watched 2 single guys sparring in their empty living room lit by a single fluorescent light (whoever created that light must be an atheist, because anyone who actually believes there is a God could not have made something more ugly).  A TV played in another apartment and I saw the same empty, save for a TV, living room lit across the way in which I have never seen a living soul.

There’s something peaceful, something human about observing others in their daily activities.  It calms me. Who knows why.  Anyone else this odd?


3 Responses to “Creepy Award”

  1. i hope you are taking notes on their house decor, that’s all i have to say.

    especially since all the people in your neighborhood are curtain nazis.

  2. hthr Says:

    Getting to see inside people’s houses is the only reason I agreed to go trick-r-treating with the kids last night. Granted, they weren’t doing anything normal or interesting since they were just waiting on us to ring the bell, but … I totally get what you’re saying. It’s fascinating to see life happening simultaneously in such different ways.

  3. BeckStein Says:

    Peeping-Tom…what would be the feminine of that?

    Yeah, that’s the great thing about city life…seeing what else is going on…I hate to think that someone’s watching me…talk about double standard…oh well.

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