The Election is Over

November 6, 2008

We now have 2 years until the next campaigning fiasco begins again. Anyone else feel that $5.3 billion and 2 years of campaigning is a waste of money and time?

Now it is done and we have a new president.  My two options last night for the results were: I’ll either be unhappy or not quite as unhappy.  I ended up unhappy.  I have nothing against Obama personally. I don’t know the guy, so how could I make any statement about him personally?  I just disagree with every policy he wants to implement.  I disagree with McCain on almost everything as well.  And so as I promised in my previous post, I voted for neither.  Chuck Baldwin got my vote.  I could agree with him more than these 2.  My other votes were spread between other 3rd party folks and a republican.  Couldn’t find a democrat I could agree with enough to vote for.

I wish Obama the best.  I love my country, I love our democratic process and I hope he does right by the country.  Time will tell. I will support him when I agree with him and stand in opposition when I disagree.  But I refuse, at any point, to demonize him and treat him with the insane disrespect shown to Bush. I disagreed with Bush on several issues, but never resorted to the demonization, dehumanization and hate that was shown him by many. Somehow opposition has become synonymous with hate these last 8 years.  I hope that the 57 million who did not vote for Obama can reverse this trend and that those who disagree with the 57 million do not claim hatred when all we do is raise our opposing views.


One Response to “The Election is Over”

  1. Yvonne Says:

    Sarah, I just want you to know I love reading your blogs! They are refreshing and you definately have a skill expressing yourself with the written word!!!

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