Respect for the Blind

November 18, 2008

You’ve all read my crazy transit stories. I go the wrong way on the train, the schedule changes completely on the weekends, MTA employees write signs that are illegible to tell you where to go, people oblivious to the fact that there are 8 million other people around them walking at break neck speeds, weaving in and out like they are at the Indy 500, and mines of dog poop.  It’s a mad house.

And just as I’m about to complain and plot my next blog entry, I will see a lone blind person, walking through the craziness with their cane tapping in front of them.  I’m awed first off by their ability, without the advantage of sight, to navigate the subway system and the roads.

But more amazing to me is their courage to even go out into the madness. Those of us with all our senses complain, hem and haw and write sarcastic blogs about their “horrific” experiences on the city (who would write such blogs!).  Yet these individuals bravely hit the streets, tap their canes and rely on the kindness of strangers to direct them when they are lost.

We have no excuse.


One Response to “Respect for the Blind”

  1. word. and not only do they go out, they are usually much more happy than us. why i am using they and us as though we are versus each other, idk. lack of better terms.

    the who would write such blogs! made me laugh. out loud. it startled the kid a little. 😛

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