I am Brittney

December 5, 2008

Upon landing at ISLIP in Long Island, I was greeted by a Rolling Stone Magazine displaying a new, beautiful, trim Brittney Spears on the cover with the headline “Yes She Can!”.  I suppose Brittney is back.  Good for her.  But what was more troubling than the fact that my ears will once again be subjected to her terrible music, was that the photo was of her standing in some funky, sexy stance obviously brandishing her new stomach.  Flat, tan and air brushed, the reader is left with the idea that “Yes she can!” not because she’s such a great artist but because she worked out and lost the “baby” fat she showed off at that awards show last year which banished her from Celebrityville until she lost it.

So that gave me an idea.  Perhaps my opera career would sky rocket if my headshot were a picture of me standing sexily, showing of my flat belly (heck, a little air brushing can make it look fantastic!).  I’ve just found my ticket.


One Response to “I am Brittney”

  1. spectaprod Says:

    I want copies of that headshot for my locker at the gym

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