I finally stepped in it

December 5, 2008

OK OK OK….so I promised I wouldn’t write anymore about dog poop, but I have to just one more time…and then I promise, pinky swear, cross my heart, hope to die not to do it again.

A few weeks ago, I took one of my final steps (no pun intended) into full initiation of being a true New Yorker.

I stepped in a pile of dog poop.

Yes, nearly an entire year of living in NYC, in Inwood, the land of dog poop, I managed to avoid it. But alas, my luck ran out.

It was a dark and rainy night. I was walking carefully to avoid large puddles of water. I noticed a faint smell of dog poop and thought, “Nasty…Welcome to Inwood”. Not 2 seconds later my heel almost came out from under me. I caught my balance and realized that for the first time, I had stepped in dog poop. I looked down to find that apparently I was not the only victim. Footprints of dog poop surrounded me. Someone let their dog poop right at the corner where people cross the street and didn’t pick it up. After rain and bad lighting, many had fallen victim.

I’m officially a New Yorker.


One Response to “I finally stepped in it”

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