“Opera Singer Season” Is Open – Auditions – Part Deux

December 10, 2008

Last year I shared with you about the interesting world of audition season in NYC the first 2 weeks of December. If you missed it, it is a must read. Truly, it will give you insight into a world you never dreamed anyone ever actually willingly subjected themselves to.

The opera singer season is upon us again, and I am back in NYC hittin’ the audition trail.  I’ve had 4 so far, and so far so good.  I am singing primarily for young artist programs an some mainstage for small houses.  At one smaller house, I sang for the young artist program and after finishing my first song he said, “Are you sure you are singing for young artist?” After a feeble attempt to not blumber over my words, he says, “Honestly.  You really think you should be singing for kids every day?”  So I replied, “Honestly, I want mainstage. I’m good enough for mainstage and that’s what I want. “And he said, “Yes you are.  Unfortunately there’s not really anything for mezzos this year with us.” Why am I not surprised.  Just once, I’d like to be in the right place at the right time, ya know? At least he liked me and maybe he’ll keep me in his head for next year.

The true force of audition season hit me today when I met up with a fellow singer for coffee. We decided to hit a Starbucks which happened to be near Nola (a major audition hub).  We walked in, and I kid you not, the ENTIRE place was opera singers.  If someone had broken out in “Libiamo” (The Drinking Song from Verdi’s La Traviata), everyone would’ve chimed in and we would’ve had a grand old time.  Well, since we’re all actually sick of that song, maybe the time wouldn’t have been so grand, but you get my point.  I ran into several people I know, and met at least another dozen who are in the same anonymous swarm of singers, subjecting themselves to such inhumane treatment.  We are gluttons for punishment.

So the rat race is in full swing, and I’m in the pack.  I’ve got 5 more to go.


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