Stay on the Sandbar

March 11, 2009

Yesterday was a much needed day off.  Finally, the weather was warm enough (80 degrees) to swim. Water was a little chilly at 63 degree…I know, I know. I hear you all playing your small violins for me. So we hit Lido Beach.

Anyway, we found a little sandbar walkway that led out about 100 yards to another sandbar that ran parallel with the beach.  It was pretty awesome.  Through the amazingly clear water, we saw a kabillion sand dollars. As my roomie said, it was a sand dollar trailer park.

After awhile we decided to head back to shore, though this time, swimming was our preferred mode of transportation.  Lazily making our way back, we practiced our amazing swimming technique, including backstroke and the ever famous, back float (my personal favorite). As we approached shore, we noticed a rescue truck stopped on the beach and a life guard standing and watching us.  He met us at the shore and informed us that we should’ve walked back on the sandbar because we looked “tired”.  “I saw you on your backs and was worried that you were tired and couldn’t make it back”. Which is evidenced by the fact that we are back at shore not breathing hard? What? And if we were in such peril, thanks for jumping in the water and saving us there, buddy.

So note to all your folks who dare swim in the ocean. Either take the sandbar back or don’t you dare turn over on your back.


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