Max’s Twin

March 14, 2009

I saw a Mini just like Max!!!! (Yes, I’m neurotic enough to name every car I have.  Marilyn was my first, a 1987 white Honda Prelude, my second was Solomon, a 1998 white Chevy S-10 and now I share Max with Tim). I heard that there’s like a 1 in a million chance that you ever see 2 Minis that are the same color scheme, and yesterday was my 1 in a million chance. I was at a stop light when the car behind me honked and everyone inside of it waved. I couldn’t see the car (it had pulled up too close behind me) and didn’t recognize anyone so I didn’t pay attention, But then I looked around some more at it and suddenly realized it was a Mini just like Max! I totally freaked out and waved like a little girl and I may or may not have squealed. Then they all waved again. They followed me down the road and when I turned off, we all waved like little girls again (again, perhaps a squeal. I’m not sure.)

I love the Mini family.


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