The Girls of 207

March 24, 2009

Here I am, less than a week away from ending my time in Sarasota, and I have not yet introduced you to my awesome roommates. I am remiss.

Sarasota Opera houses all of the apprentices at RTA (Ringling Terrace Apartments), 3 to each apartment.  Honestly, I was a little nervous about the situation.  I haven’t had roommates for years (unless you count the hubby and, well, that’s another situation all together) and the thought of getting all snuggly with 2 strangers? Not my idea of fun.

Enter Lindsay and Candra.  Candra and I actually went to school together so although acquainted, never had to deal with sharing the same bathroom.  Lindsay I did not know, but soon discovered that this was going to work.  Put plainly, the girls of 207 rock.

Candra is the super free spirit of the group.  Always dressed up just for the sake of dressing up, I learned very quickly that, “A girl doesn’t need a reason to dress up!” and when I ask about why she’s wearing heels for a walk to the coffee shop she replies, “I’m single. I always have to wear heels.” Her hair may not be brushed yet and she may still have mascara under her eyes from the day before, but damn it, she’s gotta wear those heels! 🙂  She’s the one in the group that cries during all the sad parts of the movies and whose face gets are snarled during the fights.  She has also been known to cry during Don Carlos when we’re all on stage.  She has challenged me not only to always look good, but to let my emotions hang out a little more on my sleeve.  Just a little bit. Don’t worry. I’m not coming back all girly. Heaven forbid.

Lindsay is the middle-ground between my nerdy, organized, and (according to Candra) my boyishness (look, I can’t help the fact I sit like a dude in a dress and ho boots) and Candra’s free spirited, beautiful woman.  Lindsay takes my t-shirt and jeans and pairs it with a pair of sexy red heels. And though she loves nerd games like Dungeons and Dragons (the real one with dice and math and junk) and Munchkin (I don’t even know so don’t ask) she is quite possibly one of the wittiest people I know.  She is a super smart cookie, beautiful with the girl-next-door quality and playful. Because of her, I know have some sassy heels for my jeans and my inner child has emerged more.

We have become a great family. There are 2 places we talk: Lindsay’s bed (we’re not really sure how her bed won because we all have uncomfy beds) and the cramped hallway where the bathroom door, my door and Candra’s door meets.  It is in these moments that you may hear a vocal “trumpet trio” (Lindsay always starts it, Candra matches her expertise and then I come in sounding like a rhino. I need to work that talent) or see us eating crackers and cheese.

The girls of 207 have kept every cheese maker in this country and possibly some in Europe very busy this season.  Whenever we needed a snack…what did we want? Cheese and crackers!!! Well, and those nasty little sweet pickles from which I abstained.  Heck, I think there could’ve been more than a few full meals of cheese and crackers.  The counters are always full of cheese and cracker crumbs. Even when we clean, somehow they come out to play, to taunt us, to beg us to eat more cheese and crackers.

We’ve also sent many dollars to China and other major tea exporters.  I’m sure several children have a brand new Wii due to our tea consumption.

And don’t be surprised if  you hear one of us say, “Jeesie Creesie” followed by another one of us saying “Don’t call me Jeesie Creesie” followed by the third “Holy Ghost”.  It has also been known to happen in reverse order.  If you are not familiar with Eddie Izzard, this is lost on you and it is a situation which must be remedied.

Other favorite past times of the season (which always included the 2 above mentioned delicacies) included watching both seasons of The Tudors and Rome.  We are gluttons for dramatized “history”.  There also may or may not have been an evening where we put together a Gingerbread House 3 months after Christmas…

I’m going to miss these ladies.  I’ve never liked my roommies so much.  They have become the sisters I never had.  I wish I could take them to Nashville. Our house is big enough, but I suppose I’ll let them go on with their lives.

I love these ladies.  They will always be dear to me.


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