Vacation Pics

April 29, 2009

Finally, I’m getting these dang pictures up.


Well, the girls of 207 are reuniting in October in Sarasota, as all three of us were asked back to be a part of Sarasota Opera’s Fall Production! Jarsberg, crackers and tea here we come! The only challenge left us is to find another dramatized history series to watch.  Any suggestions besides the Tudors, Rome and John Adams?

As is our annual tradition, Tim and I sat down with his dad (a CPA) the night before Tax Day to file our extension. We somehow can’t seem to ever get our taxes out on time. Ya know, when I was single my taxes were done by mid-February and I had my refund by mid-March. Hmmm…oh well. That’s a battle I chose not to fight. Ha! Anyway, I digress.

So we are doing the preliminary work of filing the extension when we get to the part about the tax credit for first time home buyers for 2008. With the market going down, Tim and I took advantage and bought our house. Apparently, if you bought a house in 2008 for the first time, the government will give you at $7500 tax credit. I was pretty excited until we read the fine print in the over 1,000 page tax code for 2008. Yes, we would get the tax credit this year, BUT we would owe the government $500 a year for the next 15 years until it was paid off. And if we were to sell the house before that 15 year period, we would owe the entire amount that was yet unpaid back to the government! So you mean to tell me that my house will be paid off in 5 years, but I would still owe the government for another 10!?!? No thank you . You can keep your damn money. Only people in Washington could have thought this one up. Calling it a tax credit and then burying the fine print of repayment on page 856 of the tax code seems a little more than skeezy to me. And they are calling mortgage companies predatory lenders? Pot, meet kettle.

The week after leaving Sarasota, my hubby and I decided to take a little vacation.  That whole not living together for 3 months needed to be rewarded. Our first day of vacation took us to Epcot.  Tim had never been there, so off we were.

Our hotel ran a shuttle, so after waiting for what seemed an eternity, a huge, plush coach bus arrived for the 5 of us waiting.  The gods of infficiency at work. I chose to sit in the front row so that a) we could beat the other 3 on the bus to the front gate (those little kids better be careful. I WILL run them down) and b) being the back seat driver, or front row driver in this case, I like to see where I’m going at all times and instruct the driver at their moment of error.

Like a good little front row driver, I’m watching all the signs pointing the way to Epcot. We go this way and that and around this way and through the woods and over a river and past grandma’s house when finally I see the sign for Epcot entrance. I’m very excited about this…but then I notice that bus is not following the signs to Epcot. It’s going the wrong way! My voice cries inside, “You’re missing the exit! You’re going the wrong way!” But like a bad dream where you can’t utter a noise, nothing comes out! Perplexed by my predicament, I decide that the driver must know a short cut and that I’m wrong. But then I notice him looking around completely perplexed…and I realize I was right, and he was lost.  A moment later he announces, “Ladies and Gentleman, I’m sorry but I got lost and missed the exit to Epcot. I will find my way back.” Ya think? Your job is to drive people from my hotel to Epcot. That’s all you have to do, and you do it everyday. How do you get lost? How do you not know how to follow the hundreds of signs pointing to Epcot? You’re the freakin’ Epcot shuttle bus driver!!!!! Am I back in NYC with a cab driver who doesn’t know the way to Penn Station?!!?!?! What universe am I in!? It’s certainly not Walt Disney’s because he would know the way to Epcot!

Well, my insides finally calmed down, and we made it to Epcot…and you better believe I beat those little children to the front gate.

Evidence that we really did make it

Evidence that we really did make it


April 7, 2009

For my Nashville readers, I am home.  After taking a week to get back from Sarasota with stops at Disney, Universal and friends’ houses, I’m home.  I will get pictures posted…hopefully 🙂