Classy rejections

June 5, 2009

In my line of work one gets used to the massive amount of rejection.  It’s all part of the game.  And the rejections range from not hearing back to getting nice letters saying how nice it was to hear me, I’m just not the right fit for this season, we’d like to hear you again, good luck in your future endeavors blah blah blah.  But at least they have the courtesy to be nice and confidential. There is one famous opera company whose rejection letter is the same to everyone.  Basically they say  “you don’t have enough professional experience and we only hire people who do.” Really? Is that why you hired that 19 year old and sent me, the one who has actually performed on stage, a rejection? At least have the guts to say, “you suck and we just don’t want you”. I’d rather that than this B.S.

So I thought I’d seen it all until this week.  The company shall remain unnamed, but it is a regional one that I’ve had a beef with in the past and questioned why I was even auditioning for them. I’m such an audition whore.  Anyway, the audition was fine, but this week the email came:

Greetings all,

I apologize for the mass email, but this is the most efficient means of communication these days.

We appreciate your auditioning for our 2010 young artist program, however, we cannot offer you a place in the 2010 program.

We wish you all the best in your future endeavors

Um. Ok. Wait. Back up. The email just said “greetings all”. Who else is reading this? My bird and pet turtle? This is an email to just me, right?  Oh…wait…no…you didn’t…you did.

Yeah, um, the sender didn’t bother to Bcc: anyone. Oh no. All the names and emails of those rejected were in the To: field for all to see.

Oh, now that is classy.


7 Responses to “Classy rejections”

  1. spectaprod Says:

    hmmm, whore’s get paid… you just an audition slut 😉 I ❤ U!

  2. ben4rest Says:

    Now that is funny. I’m guessing you guys were already planning not to be in the same town this weekend?

  3. ben4rest Says:

    What? You took down Spectaprods first comment?

  4. Jen Says:

    OK, this is akin to receiving a form rejection letter from a publishing house who forgot to white out the last 15 names of the other people who received it. Totally tacky. Sorry, Sarah.

  5. BeckStein Says:

    Wow…who does that…that’s really unprofessional of them…who was it? tee hee…

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