Pimp my ride

June 8, 2009

Late last night, walking down the street with a friend in Inwood (this is where all the action is folks) we hear the honk of one of those old car horns that has the round end that you sqeeze and makes that “old car honking noise”. Yeah. So I’m not explaining it well. But suffice it to say, I was expecting to turn around and see a bicycle approaching. Imagine my surprise to see a motorized wheelchair approaching us.  But this was no ordinary wheelchair. This chair was pimped out.  A canopy had been built over it with an American flag attached, wallpapered with bumper stickers, neon lights and flashing digital lights on the back.  My friend and I both stopped, dumfounded, looked at each other and said simultaneously “Only in New York”.

I have yet again proven my point – I only have to be in Inwood a few minutes and I have blog worthy material.


One Response to “Pimp my ride”

  1. BeckStein Says:

    You’re in town and I never hear from you…Bad Sarah, Bad!

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