Too darn hot

August 19, 2009

OK, people. I’m from Texas. I can handle heat. I mean, 105 degrees is nothing- a mere bit of toastiness.

Well, this Texan has met her match. There is NOTHING like maneuvering New York City in the middle of the muggy Northeast Summer. I think all the thermometers that the weathermen use to gauge the heat are wrong.

For example, yesterday the weather said it was 76 degrees at around 10 am. Now I know that New York is a different world, but are they using a different degree system to measure? Bull$#!% – oh excuse me. The sun made me sneeze. The thermometers must be hanging out 20,000 feet above the city. Between the cars, the buses, the pavement and the sun beating down, the temperature on the ground has to be around 100 degrees.

But you think that’s rough? Try the subway. I’ve heard that the platforms can reach 115 degrees. And that I believe. You know it’s bad when you come out of the subway into 95 degree (according to the weatherman) and you feel like it’s air conditioned? Whew.

And then to top it all off, central air conditioning is a luxury afforded only by a few. The rest of city either lives without or has strategically placed a couple of window units to keep the temperature decent.

I mean, it’s so hot that New York now smells like Europe. A little tip for my New York readers, put on twice as much deodorant, and take some for the road. You are ripe!


2 Responses to “Too darn hot”

  1. Jen Says:

    I still haven’t figured out why people don’t install air conditioning in this day and age. Without it, the weather is miserable. In Chicago, we lucked out into an apartment building with central air. Otherwise, we would’ve been stuck with window units or none at all. I don’t think my temper would’ve tolerated that.

  2. spectaprod Says:

    bwahahahaha! I nearly spewed lemonade on my keyboard with your “Bull$#!% – oh excuse me. The sun made me sneeze.”

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