Watch out for the mugger!

August 27, 2009

I love my husband (more on that later).

So apparently there is a mugger on the loose in the area where I’m staying – Inwood (remember, something always happens in Inwood). For now he’s confined himself to the subway, but you never can guess what these darn muggers will do – they’re so evasive and all. And the press, not wanting to be accused of being racist, won’t tell us what he looks like. All we know is that he wears a Red Sox baseball cap. Well, gee, thanks. That narrows it down.

So, I’ve just been a little extra careful on the subway. Make sure I sit in a care with a ton of other people, don’t be alone, be aware of my surroundings, yada yada yada. There are a lot of people here. I’m not worried. Not to mention the fact that he’d be sorely disappointed if he mugged me. “What you want my stuff? Fine. Here’s a debit card with not much money in the account. Oh, here’s $20. And, uh, here’s my 2 year old pink cell phone with an ear piece that doesn’t work and a speaker phone that is sketchy at best. You know, you’d actually do me a favor by ridding me of this thing.”

Back to loving my husband. So tonight I was headed home late from a friend’s place only about 15 blocks from where I’m staying. I decided to be careful and was going to take a cab, but fortunately for me a bus showed up so no cab was needed. (This really is pointless information, but alas, you get to hear it anyway). So I get home and recount all this information to Tim.

Me: “Yeah, so there’s a mugger running around the subway in Inwood attacking young women.”
Tim: Chirp chirp chirp
Me: “And, uh, I came home really late.”
Tim: Chirp chirp chirp
Me: “So, I decided to take a cab, but luckily the bus showed up and I took that for free.”
Tim: “Good for you, baby!”
Me: “Um, so there’s a mugger on the loose?”
Tim: “Huh.”

I love how much my husband worries about me when I am in the big city, protecting myself of potential attack. I’m going to chalk up his disinterest to his cold and the medicine he’s on. 🙂

Note: I now await his righteously indignant comment defending himself and frivolous claims that I embellished (or changed) our conversation to serve the purposes of my blog.


3 Responses to “Watch out for the mugger!”

  1. Jen Says:

    Hahahahahaha! Yep, that’s the Munsy I know!

  2. spectaprod Says:

    I could have sworn I reacted more than that, although I do only barely remember the conversation. I think I remember daydreaming about what I would do if attacked by the mugger though.

  3. Ben Says:

    @spectaprod: At least your response to “‘young women’ getting mugged” did not imply to her that you thought she was old. You might have really been in trouble then.

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