The Fridge Makes Me Sneeze

September 18, 2009

So I got home earlier this week after being gone for over a month. My hubby has learned that it doesn’t matter what he does to the house while I’m gone, as long as it is clean when I come home, all is well.

And he does a pretty decent job. He gets better each time. At first his untidiness used to annoy me, but now I find it rather endearing because it is truly one of his guy moments. Being married to a man who tells you which shoes to wear with your outfit and which earrings will best bring out your eyes, it’s nice to discover him having guy moments. So instead of getting angry about the spider web in the corner with a spider and eggs in it, I relish it and chuckle a little bit.

But, I believe the best guy moment occurred yesterday. After pulling out some packaged cheese out of the fridge and finding it covered in icky goo, I took to the task of cleaning it out. To my utter shock (not really) I discovered that all the food I had left 5 weeks ago was STILL in there! I mean, I don’t think it had even moved.

So when Tim got home last night, I mentioned this fact to him, and he said, completely straight faced as if this would be a normal occurrence to everyone in the universe:

“Yeah, I know. I didn’t really go near the fridge much while you were gone because every time I opened it up, my allergies went crazy.”

Folks, you know the mold has to be bad when the cold of the fridge can’t even keep it at bay.

Wow, love. Just keep telling me how to look good, and I’ll deal with the allergy causing fridge.


Happy Birthday

September 16, 2009

Today is Chris’ birthday. He would’ve been 38 – and he would’ve been bemoaning the fact that he was almost 40…he started that when he turned 31. And we would’ve laughed about getting old, getting wrinkles and gray hair – and then laughed about it all. So, instead I’ll laugh to myself and think about all the fun times.

Concert set

September 11, 2009

So my next Nashville performance is set!

I will be performing as a part of St. Matthew’s Recital Series. Joel Bolen will accompany.

Sunday, September 27
4 pm
St. Matthew’s Catholic Church
535 Sneed Road West
Franklin, TN 37069

This concert is free, however, I will be taking donations for my upcoming mission trip to Nazareth. 10% of donations will go back to St. Matthew’s music program so 2 amazing things will be supported!

As per usual, this will be the most fun you’ve had at a classical concert. Ask anyone who’s been. And you don’t even have to miss the Titan’s because they play the early game!

See you there!

Nazareth or bust

September 6, 2009

So, you may have noticed that yesterday I wrote a little entry about this upcoming Nazareth trip. Well, I got an email from the admin at church today saying that she had just checked the church mail and there was a check for $650 for me! I was like, “What!? This doesn’t happen to me! I’m always the one on top of everything, who always has everything done early, who’s never had trouble raising money for ANYTHING! And now, I don’t have jack squat and someone mails a check. This kind of stuff happens to other people.” Well, I guess not. It happened to me. Amazing how God works. My mom always told me, “God owns all the money in the world and He’ll figure out a way to get it to you when you need it.” And boy did He. I don’t know who it was, but I know it wasn’t in response to my post yesterday since you can’t very well mail a letter and have it arrive on the same day. So, not sure who you are, but if you are reading this, thank you very very much.

Now only around $1300 to go! Merely pocket change.

P.S. I am planning a concert for September 27th that will also double as a fundraiser. Details forthcoming.

Nazareth here I come…maybe?

September 5, 2009

I’ve neglected to blog about this. Again, I am remiss.

Many of you may already know that I have an opportunity to go to Nazareth, Israel with my church.

When announced, this trip immediately struck a cord deep within me. I have always had an unexplainable love and passion for the Jewish people. I have read extensively about their history up to modern day. The story behind the trip, how it came about and what will be accomplished, is largely what compels me to go on this particular trip.

Not quite a year ago our pastor, Jamie, was in Israel doing research on Jesus’ life. When he visited Nazareth he “happened” to meet two Christian, Israeli businesswomen who own a hotel in Nazareth and who also run an organization called The Zahra Foundation, which works with a local orphanage and helps with other needs in the community. They were needing some serious help – and in walked Jamie.

Our church has decided to working side by side with these ladies to help them. This trip is going to focus on helping in the orphanage and building a long-lasting relationship with the community. We plan to invest in Nazareth for a long time, and hopefully this will only the first of many trips I make.

So why the “maybe”? Well, this trip naturally costs money (a shade under $2300) and that’s something that Tim and I just can’t swing on our own. The first deadline for money was Friday, but they’ve extended it for me until Tuesday. The goal? $490. I’m really not worried about it. If this is a trip that I’m to take part in, then the money will appear, but I figured I’d just let all my readers know in case any of you would like to contribute! Contact me if you’d like to.