I can’t get to Szeged

November 18, 2009

I’m slowly updating things, so keep checking back for updates!:)

I believe that the trip to Szeged is quite possibly the longest, most arduous trip I have ever undertaken…even worse than the trip to Australia. I got on a flight at 5;30am on Thursday morning in Sarasota, FL and landed in Budapest 24 hours later, and then got on a bus for 2 hours to Szeged. So because the airlines haven’t figured out that a lot of people actually go to Sarasota, there are direct flights to almost nowhere…well, Delta does advertise that amazing non-stop to (drum roll please….) Atlanta!!! Woohoo! That’s so far away! Way to go Delta! Way to have a non-stop to your American hub! You are so amazing!

But I’ll back up a little. I got to the airport at 4:50 am. Guess who wasn’t even working yet? If you guessed the Delta agents “ding ding ding”! You have the right answer! So much for checking in an hour and half before your flight. I always knew that was a gimmick to make you waste more time and spend more money at the airport on an 8 oz bottle of water that cost $20.

So I get on the flight. Lucky for me, Tropical Storm Ida was headed in the same direction as me! Yay! So my flight to Atlanta was fine, but I land to find that my flight to LaGuardia is canceled and Delta has been wonderful enough to book me on a flight 4HOURS LATER!!!! That, however, was not a possibility because 4 hours later I needed to be going through security at JFK (yes, 12 miles away from LaGuarda. That’s a different story). So after talking to the surprisingly pleasant Delta agent, I was confirmed on a flight only 2 hours later. After a little breakfast (at this point, I felt like a beer, but hey, it was only 7:30 in the morning. Gimme a break), I get on the flight to LaGuardia, only to find out it is delayed. At this point, I have been underway for 6 hours…now, mind you, Atlanta is only about 8 or 9 hours from Sarasota in a car. I’m rethinking my plan at this point.

But after the drama of the delay, I finally made it to LaGuardia with just enough time to make it to JFK. How did I get there? Funny you should ask.

The fastest way between LaGuardia and JFK is to take a cab, so I stood in the interminably long line at the airport to make the drive. I got a great cabbie. Got me there in 15 minutes for 25 bucks. That ain’t shabby. Side note, remember at this point I have been traveling for 9 hours and had only gotten 3 hours of sleep. So I get to JFK, hand the guy $40 and wanting to give him a $5 tip for loading and unloading my ridiculously heavy suitcase that eventually had the dreaded bright pink tag put on it that said “Lourde” – French for your bag is too damn heavy so I hope you feel guilty – I say “I want $15 back”. He looks at me and says, “Your fare was $25” and I’m like “I know. $15 please. Well, wait, no (being super generous and deciding to give him a $6 tip, I say) naw, give me $14 back.” He gives me a dirty look and cusses me under his breath. All the while I’m thinking, “What’s wrong with this guy? I gave him a better tip than anyone is this city would!”

I go in the airport, check in, all the while befuddled at his response. (Did I mention I’d been up for too long with no sleep?). So after Air France finally finds my ticket (who knew that these new, amazing check in machines read your middle name on your passport as your last name and can’t find you and then claim you don’t exist), I go to the restroom. While taking care of some business, it suddenly hits me “OH MY GOSH!!! YOU ONLY GAVE THAT GUY A DOLLAR TIP!!!! NO WONDER HE WAS CURSING YOU!!!!” I felt sooooooooooooooo bad. I always want to be the nice person and be that blessing that NO ONE gets in the city…and yet? I was probably the person he went home and said to his family, “There was the white chic who was really nice in my cab, and I lugged her heavy a*$ bags for her and she didn’t give me jack! That %$&#*%!” I felt so bad, I even went outside hoping that he’d waited for 20 minutes for me to make things right. Alas, that was not to be. He obviously had money to make from people who aren’t moronic…and to think I actually made A’s in Math.


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