Jesus was in good shape

November 20, 2009

All right folks. Now, you know I walk a lot. New York. Europe. You gotta have good walking shoes and some leg muscles to get you around. I was told there would be a lot of walking in Israel, especially the town I’m in, so I thought, “Hey, no big deal. I walk all the time.”

Um, yeah. I can’t really feel my legs at the moment. When they said walking with hills, they weren’t kidding. Going into the Old City yesterday and shopping today, the descent isn’t bad, because, well, it’s a descent. Coming back up? Different story. Up hill for over an hour. When we arrived back at the hotel, there were muscles in my legs twitching that I didn’t even know existed. Who needs squats? Who wants a jacuzzi?! (Pick me! Pick me!)

So I know Jesus was in good shape. I mean, he walked from Bethlehem to Cana to the desert in Jordan to Jerusalem to Nazareth to the Sea of Galilee and on and on. And these weren’t short little jaunts. We’re talkin’ let’s- walk-all-day-up-and-down -some-mountains-sleep-a-little-then-walk-a-few-more-days kind of walking. So he and his disciples were probably lean and buff with their fair share of charlie horses unless they were eating enough potassium (last night I had 2!). And everything in the country is built with stone. Very little wood. So when they say Jesus was a carpenter, he was probably skilled at masonry. He wasn’t this meek, pretty, little white guy you see pictures of. The dude was buff and brawny. Kinda changes your perspective about him.


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