I have to take self defense

December 12, 2009

So I’m still shaking a little, but I’m OK..and of course, the first thing I have to do is blog about it.

So I’m staying with friends of mine on Long Island, which requires that I take a train from the city. Tonight I took a different train than normal which required that I take a cab a short 2 mile trip. (Normally, I would walk but it’s in the low 20’s and 11 at night so I figure a cab will be warm and safe! Ha! Boy was I wrong!). So I grab a cab from the train station in Malverne, NY (note: NOT the city).

I tell the cabbie where I want to go and quickly realize his English is not good. I tell the dispatcher over the radio where I’m going, and he tells the cabbie it’ll be $5. So I give the cabbie directions, but he doesn’t follow them. I tell him to turn around, and he claims he knows where he’s going. Suddenly, he says he doesn’t know where to go and starts to yell at me for not telling him where to go! Long story short, I get him going the right direction and as we near my street, I tell him to pull over because I felt weird and didn’t want him to know where I was staying. As we pull to a stop, he calls the dispatcher, tells him where we are, and suddenly the dispatcher says it’s $7! OK. Before I go further, I’m not such a tightwad, that I’ll haggle over $2. The issue was the principle of the matter. You can’t change a fare on someone at the end of their ride! So I tell him that I will happily give him $5 but not $7. He starts yelling at me, yelling at the dispatcher…I calmly tell him I’ll give him $5. He then says that he’s taking me back to the train station. I was like, “Hell no”, so I jumped out of that car faster than I’ve ever jumped out of a vehicle before in my life. Again, I offered the fare agreed upon, he calls the dispatcher, the dispatcher tells him to take the $5. I figured it was settled, but then the cabbie started cussing me out and calling me not so nice names. At that point, I told him that if he was going to cuss me out that I would not pay him any money. I gave one more chance (I felt like I was dealing with a child!) but he continued to cuss me out, so I stepped away from the car and began walking down a different street. At this point, he opens his car door and continues yelling at me, then begins following me in his car! At this point, I don’t know what he’s gonna do, so I grab my phone to call 911.

At that point, I see someone coming down a driveway and call to them for help while at the same time praying that he is safe. Turns out he was. In a state of near hyperventilation, his wife takes me inside, he gets the cabbie to leave and they call the cops! The cops showed up, I relay the entire story, they drive me home and call the cab company. All the while I’m still trying to get my mind around what has just happened and am containing my state of hyperventilation with only minimal success.

In the aftermath, I realize that I must take a self defense class. I mean, nothing bad happened, but I felt so helpless and vulnerable and I NEVER want to feel that way again. What if this guy had actually gotten out and come after me? I realized that I had no recourse but to hopefully get a cop on the phone before this guy came after me. That was a very, very scary moment for me. So ladies, lesson of the day? Take self-defense. Oh, and don’t take a cab in Malverne!

BTW – the name of the company is Long Island Taxi. Just be wary.


2 Responses to “I have to take self defense”

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