Only in the South in the snow…

January 31, 2010

Do you see people digging their driveways out with dust pans and garden shovels

Do you see an ATV driving down the hill pulling a kiddie pool filled with kids

Do you see people sledding down the hill on storage container lids

Do you see snow plows put more snow on the road than they clear

Do you see a tow truck pull out a car, immediately crash into a telephone pole and take out the power for 800 people

Do you see a ditch full of cars when the road is clear

Do you see back wheel drive sports cars try and drive up an icy hill

Does the city not clear any side roads. The main roads are fine, but you can’t get to them

Do you hike through the woods behind your neighborhood to get to Starbucks, because said side roads are not clear

Do you help a woman stuck in the ditch who is wearing only shorts and flip flops (OK OK. She’d just gotten off a flight from Florida, but do you look at the weather???)


2 Responses to “Only in the South in the snow…”

  1. hthr Says:

    okay, okay. I’m guilty of two of those “southern people” things. 🙂

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