War wounds

February 26, 2010

After my taxi experience in December, I vowed to take self defense. I fulfilled that vow last week when I began taking handgun self defense (that is, defending myself against an attacker with a gun; but, yes, I do know how to use a gun) and kick boxing. Everything was going so well…and then last night came.

The teacher was working with the newbies in the class on round house kicks. He used me to demonstrate some stuff and, well, I think Chuck Norris overtook me. My round house kick didn’t actually land on the pads he was holding, but instead on his elbow.

My foot is twice it’s normal size, and I finally broke down and took some Advil when the weight of the sheet laying on it caused so much pain I couldn’t sleep.

Good news is I can do a round house kick plus many other self defense moves which is bad news for the bad guys.


Award Winning

February 15, 2010

I got a good bit of news recently. The performance of Hansel and Gretel I did in New York in December was the runner-up in Review Fix’s End of the Year Awards.

“Hansel and Gretel” by Opera Manhattan, Inc: Without a doubt, every member of this cast is extraordinarily talented, and given the small space, the opera was put together impeccably. Aside from being overwhelmingly talented vocalists, the respective players also exhibited a tremendous capacity for acting, at times even bringing a touch of comedy to this traditional Christmas tale.

Next Gig

February 10, 2010

I will be returning to NYC in April to perform Kate Pinkerton in Madame Butterfly with Dicapo Opera. For those of you familiar with opera, you are probably used to the “normal” performance of Butterfly where Kate is just an after thought who comes in at the end, stands there, looks beautiful and sings a couple of lines. What you may not know is that there were several versions of the show, and the version I will be doing is called the Brescia version, because it was performed in Brescia. In this version, Kate actually has an aria and sings quite a bit more, so it’s a substantial role. It’ll be fun, and I’m looking forward to it! Not many people have sung this version.

Details at www.dicapo.com


February 5, 2010

So this was a first.

I had an audition last week. Fortunately my best friend’s parents live close to the audition city, so I saved some cash by crashing at their place.

While in the shower, I was thinking through my audition material, my outfit, my hair, my clothes…MY CLOTHES! HOLY CRAP! I forgot my shoes!!!

First time ever. I had forgotten to pack my shoes, and I all I had with me were snow boots and running shoes. So the gerbils in the brain start running. Do I just go in barefoot? Do I have time to buy anything? Do I wear the running shoes and start a great conversation about it? Do I walk on tip toe and say I have imaginary shoes on? After realizing that none of these were good options, I asked my friends mom.

2 things were fortunate. 1) She has good style. 2) She had black heels.

Unfortunate thing? They were too big. Her solution? Stuff the toes.

So I sang an audition in my best friend’s mother’s shoes with panty hose stuffed in the toes.