February 5, 2010

So this was a first.

I had an audition last week. Fortunately my best friend’s parents live close to the audition city, so I saved some cash by crashing at their place.

While in the shower, I was thinking through my audition material, my outfit, my hair, my clothes…MY CLOTHES! HOLY CRAP! I forgot my shoes!!!

First time ever. I had forgotten to pack my shoes, and I all I had with me were snow boots and running shoes. So the gerbils in the brain start running. Do I just go in barefoot? Do I have time to buy anything? Do I wear the running shoes and start a great conversation about it? Do I walk on tip toe and say I have imaginary shoes on? After realizing that none of these were good options, I asked my friends mom.

2 things were fortunate. 1) She has good style. 2) She had black heels.

Unfortunate thing? They were too big. Her solution? Stuff the toes.

So I sang an audition in my best friend’s mother’s shoes with panty hose stuffed in the toes.


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