War wounds

February 26, 2010

After my taxi experience in December, I vowed to take self defense. I fulfilled that vow last week when I began taking handgun self defense (that is, defending myself against an attacker with a gun; but, yes, I do know how to use a gun) and kick boxing. Everything was going so well…and then last night came.

The teacher was working with the newbies in the class on round house kicks. He used me to demonstrate some stuff and, well, I think Chuck Norris overtook me. My round house kick didn’t actually land on the pads he was holding, but instead on his elbow.

My foot is twice it’s normal size, and I finally broke down and took some Advil when the weight of the sheet laying on it caused so much pain I couldn’t sleep.

Good news is I can do a round house kick plus many other self defense moves which is bad news for the bad guys.


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