Back in the Big Apple

April 6, 2010

Arrived this evening into La Guardia on American Airlines. I thought I had been re-routed somehow, and I had ended up in a small, sleeper town in the midwest. Why would’ve I have had such a thought?

Everything was exact opposite of what New York is.

It was quiet. Calm. No shoving. No yelling. No obligation to walk at Mach speed to keep from being bowled over. I had to look at the signs to verify that I had indeed flown to New York. Where were all the people? Had some pandemic broken out while I was in flight? It was quite eerie actually, but oh what a wonderful surprise I greeted with the glee of a child.

And then I went to the bus stop and I came out of the doors with my bags, just as my most hated bus on which I am forced to rely, the notorious M60 pulled up! And it didn’t stop there. I didn’t have to wait on EITHER train transfer. I swear, it was the Twilight Zone tonight.

Or maybe God really did answer that prayer for a stress free, calm trip. My money’s on the latter.


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