Share the Wealth: Stone Washed Overalls

April 15, 2010

A continuation in my series of generosity and giving. Share your stories! I want to hear them!

“Oh my gosh, mom! Finally!!!” I looked down with sheer delight at my new fortune – a pair of stone washed overalls.

It was the late 80’s. Stone washed jeans had been all the rage for at least 5 years, yet I had not come into the possession of any due to the lack of money for clothes. But today was my lucky day.

Our family had become the beneficiaries of a well-off family at church. They had 2 kids a couple years older than me and my brother, and every few months they would show up at church with a bag of clothes for us. Since they were pretty well-off, they always gave us nice, fashionable clothes. Granted, they were a few years behind the fashion, but in the 80’s it was all so ugly anyway, so it didn’t really matter when it got worn.

A year or so before this amazing discovery I made in the bag, my brother had gotten a pair of stone washed jeans from this family, and I was extremely jealous that I had yet to receive such bounty. Since that day, I had looked longingly in “my” bag for the elusive stone washed jeans. I’d seen my benefactor wear them, so I knew she had them. I just had to wait until she didn’t want them anymore. Mind you, I was always thankful when any clothes showed up, but that one thing was so important to me.

And then it happened. I opened up the bag…and light shone from heaven and angels sang the Hallelujah Chorus as it was revealed that, indeed, there was a pair of something stone washed. I pulled them – no, they rose of their own accord out of the bag, and I discovered they were overalls. I didn’t care what they were, as long as they were stone washed, I was a happy camper.

I wore those things out! My mom had to continually patch the knees, I wore them so much. Finally, after a couple of years, I had to give them up. I had grown too tall. But those were a precious couple of years when I owned my own stone washed denim.


One Response to “Share the Wealth: Stone Washed Overalls”

  1. spectaprod Says:

    what’s funny is that I hated getting hand-me-downs because the kids I got them from were 4 and 5 years older than me, so the clothes were always at least 2 or 3 years out of date. I was so scarred from those days…

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