Is this really my life?

July 19, 2010

So I’m on the plane (read yesterday’s blog if you are confused). Whew. One connecting flight, and I’m in the Big Apple.

No hiccups encountered (well, except for that 10 year old boy behind me who thinks that his tray table is really fun to flip up and down, up and down, up and down…oh a drink…up and down, up and down, up and down…you get my drift).

Get to Baltimore. Send a friendly message to my friend to remind him what time I will be arriving at his apartment tonight. He was a last minute save when my sublet fell through. I’m am boarding my flight when my phone registers a text. It’s my friend. He’s forgotten I’m coming. He already has someone at his place in the spare room and he forgot to tell his girlfriend I was coming. Can I find somewhere else to go? What!?!? Can I find somewhere else???? It’s 8 pm!!! All my other friends had guests, too. He was the only one without one!!! So, my co-dependent self obviously took over, and I respond by saying, oh yeah. No problem. (side note: this friend of mine is quite possibly one of the most gracious, giving peopled in the world. He has never forgotten I was coming. This was a random occurrence, but it makes for a great story!) So here I find myself, on an airplane with no where to stay when I get there. I go to my backup. My teacher. He has a guest, but he also has a comfy couch. I hate sleeping on couches, but what else am I going to do? It’s better than a park bench. I send him a text and turn off my phone, praying that I will have positive message awaiting me when I arrive.

And then the stars aligned. The couch is still free.

And to make it even better, I walk outside and my most hated bus, the M60 is pulling up.

And then it hits me. Is this really my life? Am I really pursuing this crazy dream of a career which has landed me in a city for 2 weeks with nowhere to stay except a couple of people’s couches? Is this the crazy career that one moment is going really well and getting you work etc…and then you find yourself couch surfing because all the money you’ve managed to save is going to coachings, lessons and food? A break, anyone? Anyone?


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